Slowly But Surely

Things are moving along slowly. I’m sure that some progress is being made but it is barely discernible. However avoidance is in full swing and there is plenty of progress with that. I have used my valuable knitting time to read lots and lots of books this month. Now normally that would be a good thing but when I have self-imposed deadlines it’s not exactly helpful.

I have finished one Mad About Plaid sock, pictures to come soon. I have been staring at a vest for my dad that has needed the button band redone on it for about two years. I am hoping that if I stare at it long enough it will get done…or i will find the motivation to finnish it. Hopefully the former will occur but I’m not holding my breath.

Also the Modern Log Cabin Blanket which is on its last square is coming along at a snail’s pace. Eleven ridges down, 89 to go…

Luckily I am still in love with the yarn and am planning a cardigan as my next project. It is taking all my energy to finnish something instead of abandoning them for this.

This whole self control thing kind of sucks.


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