Not Gonna Talk About It

Heyyy, i guess my New Years Resolution didn’t go to well huh? But im not gonna talk about that. Moving on…

Lots of knitting being done. I am trying to make one old project and mix it with a new one. A couple of old socks have been finished and a sweater for fall has been cast on, the body done and almost a whole sleeve. The pullover from Color Style, named the Striped Raglan, features a variegated yarn with a thick and thin effect striped with a worsted weight neutral. It is making for a quick, enjoyable and mindless knit. Best of all this fall (probably way before that) I will have a nice warm new sweater that I will actually wear!

     I seem to have a not-wearing-what -I- knit problem. I went through a brief period a few years back when i knit a lot of sweaters. Only one of which I actually wear. The problem with the other sweaters is that although they were fun to knit I moved through them so fast that I didn’t pay enough attention to detail. Thus creating something about it that renders it not wearable. For example, I knit a beautiful Green Gable . However, there are several things wrong with it. First off I bound off too tight causing it to sit uncomfortably on my hips. Second, I used a wool blend yarn that is beautiful but since it’s a summer top it makes it rather uncomfortable. Third, when joining a new ball to the front i tried to weave in the ends as i went but it left a strange line of uneven stitches right around my mid section. Not exactly desirable. Sum that all up and you get a sweater that i have worn twice in about two years. Another example is a cute pink mohair sweater from Stitch’N”Bitch Nation that I loved on the model but looked silly on me and the mohair caused unforseen discomfort.

    Because of these issues I am trying to do two things:

1. Pick my projects more carefully and once chosen pick my yarn accordingly.

2. I am contemplating recycling the yarn from some of my Finished Objects that i don;t wear. No sense in letting valuable yarn sit there when it could be used for something else (this will not apply to the mohair as the likelihood of it unraveling it about as good as giving a cat a bath)

We shall see…


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