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New Year Glow
January 25, 2010

Okay… I am back after about 7 months of silence and only slightly worse for the wear. Sadly knitting like this blog has kind of taken a back seat in my life. Not any were as bad as the blog though. I still knit on a regular basis but in the after glow of christmas knitting where i produced dozens of projects,. i have come down with a syndrome that every knitter fears. I have cast-onitis. I cannot seem to finnish anything. Instead i seem to flit from project to project with little focus. NOTHING is getting done. I am assessing the things i have started over the years and have not completed….there are dozens.
As a cliché New Years resolution i have pledged to not only play more attention to this medium of communication but also to finnish what i have started, in an effort to wrangle the massive chaos that is my yarn closet.