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The lack of blogging ability
June 22, 2009

And yet again the fiberelf proves her lack of skill in remembering to blog. Lots of knitting projects and major life events (okay maybe not major but events nonetheless) have come and gone and yet the blog still remains ignorant and uninformed to the progress of life. So here is the best recap I can muster in the afterglow of the end of school:

I have ripped back the textured tunic for the second time, however this time it will stay that way. The first knitting rendered the garment too small and the second one, for which I could not bring myself to knit the last sleeve, appeared to be too big. Although even if it would have blocked bigger I was done. I no longer loved the sweater and harbored no more than feelings of contempt towards it. I knew that even if I had finished I would never have worn it and the bad karma now associated with it probably would have brought me nothing but heartbreak in the off chance I had decided to wear the demon tweed sweater. I came to grips with eh fact that this sweater had a different knitting destiny when I could not bring myself to finish it and found myself daydreaming about knitting a matching beret with the leftovers but in said fantasy the sweater the hat would match never appeared.
Therefore the tunic has been frogged back within an inch of its life waiting for its new project destiny to appear. Perhaps it will become a sweater, the February Lady perhaps, or maybe something completely different. For now the future of the gorgeous tweed yarn is up in the air and I love the view.