Spiderweb of issues

Last summer in an attempt for a quick, easy and feminine project i cast on The Spiderweb Capelet from Stitch ‘n’ bitch Nation. It was everything i was looking for in a project and the yarn i chose was divine and a heavenly experience to knit with. The yardage of the project dictated that i use two balls of my chosen yarn, that yarn being Blue Sky Alpaca’s Suri Alpaca in a gorgeous cherry color. However something appeared wrong. It was coming out much bigger than it appeared in the picture and was taking twice the amount of yarn as it was supposed to.
Seeing as i was knitting with alpaca in the middle of July i payed little attention to this. I figured i was overheated.
After a while and lack of funds to continue buying more of the required yarn i but it away for a while. Yesterday i found the beauty in the back of my closet where i had angrily shoved it all those months ago.
I knitted happily on it for about an hour when i became fed up with it taking 2 hours to knit one row(yes that is how massive this thing was). I searched the project on Ravelry trying to see if others were having similar problems. It turns out that there was errata in the stitch pattern that was making my capelet HUGE!
After reading that i immediately began ripping out the project. but not before taking pictures of the monstrosity.

that thing is bigger than my WINGSPAN! granted my wingspan isn’t that big to begin with but still.

So after hitting the frog pond i recast on the project and withing a matter of hours with my new instructions i got the pretty capelet shown above. sadly i am still figuring out how to insert pics so they are all next to each other.
I am very pleased with the end result and it truly is a quick and easy project! Plus i have tons of the yarn left to make matching lace gauntlets!
Next up….CUPCAKES!


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  1. Oh elf… you are really a great writer. I love your blog! You must got visit Sophie in NYC at VOGUE!
    Glad you are all well!

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