The Elf Wishes She Could Enjoy the Weather

Presently the Elf has notices a very peculiar phenomenon that comes and goes rather quickly in New England. In a region where winter seems to last forever, fall is more of a preparation time for winter rather than a mild relief from summer, and summer beats down on us with ferocity, Spring is like a breathe of fresh air. Finally a time to bring our knitting outside and enjoy the birds chirping with content.

However, the elf does not have time to enjoy these pleasantries. Why you may ask? Because the Fiber elf is costuming a play. She has temporarily put down her wool and circular needles to take up a sewing machine and miles and miles of thread. At first the Elf was as thrilled as could be. She loves sewing and play productions and after the last play she acted in costuming would be a pleasant change. All was well for several weeks…until he costuming began to consume her life more than knitting ever has. (And that’s saying something) Instead of her dreams being filled with sheepy goodness they are now filled with nightmares or seams ripping on stage and of boys, who in their inability to hang anything up, lost all if their pant and they have to go on in nothing but a short kimono. And the worst horror of all, not having time to knit of visit her favorite place of all time…THE YARN SHOP!

For a brief while the work subsided and she worried less. The guys looked great and their kimono’s and everything seemed to be running smoothly and right on schedule. Now that the performance competition was approaching all that was left was for the fiber elf was to sit back and watch the show. Obviously there were a few roadblocks that will be discussed in a later post because she is still in denial that the events in question ever happened.But now…we won the first phase of the competition and as we left the theatre, walking away with many awards, including one for costumes, the director tells The Elf that all of the costumes need some sort of adjustment!!! Ones that are completely unnecessary but she has to do anyway.

Excuse me the Fiber Elf needs some wool therapy.


One Response

  1. Oh you are back on the web! We miss you at the shoppe oh Elf, but know you are out there clothing the world (or the boys, anyway)

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