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War of the Roses
January 19, 2009

Currently I am unbelievably fascinated by the York and Lancaster Socks by Lisa Grossman. They are an interpretation on the War of the Roses and inspired by the play Richard the third. As it so happens I am currently costuming a production of Richard The Third. I am fantasizing about these gorgeous socks and how I desperately want to make a pair for myself. But alas the pattern won’t be released to the general public until July.

So as I await the release I have decided to design my own interpretation of the War of the Roses. Not sure what kind of a garment it will be or if it will even come to fruition , but I am sure that it will be in red and white.

So as soon as my knitting for others has been completed aka my own personal hell [don’t get me wrong I like giving people my knitted creations, but I hate when they are expecting them and you’re put in a self imposed time crunch. I wanna design damn it!] I will start sketching my “masterpiece”.

Also lately I have been fascinated (also due to the play i am costuming) by kabuki style.  So I will be knitting Tabi Socks and designing a kimono style sweater (yes, i know that the fact that i will actually get around to designing a kimono style sweater is laughable. just go with me an my delusions for a while). Tabi socks are the really cool Japanese socks that are split to separate the big toe and the rest of the foot (example pictured here) I haven’t decided whether I will not those specific socks I linked to or a different pattern. However i think it is safe to say i will probably knit multiple in the tabi style because of my sock obsession.

Speaking of socks. I am going to go knit some. Yes I know that I should be finishing the stuff I promised others. Don’t look at me like that, it’s just to take the edge off I swear!