Behold the elf that no longer gives a damn.

Life has been crazy. I am currently buried in the biggest knitting deadline of all, Christmas. Have masses to knit with 2 weeks to go. Have college level finals to take that I feel seriously under prepared for, and I have play practices to attend and make costumes for. Sleeping is in there somewhere. This is the second play I have undertaken in 3 months having just finished the run of the last play last week. I am exhausted and no longer give a damn about whether i pass my damn finals.However i realize that this feeling is temporary and if i do actually fail i will spent my Christmas break in a ball rocking back and forth on the floor sobbing. i seriously do not want to have to take these classes again. All   to do is KNIT!! The problem is i want to knit for myself! and i don’t have time to knit for myself until January! I haven’t even Christmas shopped yet what with the no time to sleep thing. IO am still in denial that it is December. The last play threw off my internal Holiday Clock and distracted me so much that my body still thinks it’s November and I have plenty of time to get all this crap done.  I am at the end of my proverbial rope and am in serious need of a damn vacation. Luckily vacation starts in a day and a half and then I can knit for others to my hearts content. Hopefully I will finish but I seriously doubt it.

As of now I am just going to worry about passing my exams because if I don’t I will have to take the classes over and behold the wrath of the fiberelf mom. Not a pleasant idea. I am getting nauseous just thinking about it! Everyone cross your fingers and pray to the knitting gods and goddesses for me. I am gonna need all the help I can get.

P.S. the next post might actually be about what I am knitting!


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