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the grellow
October 21, 2008

AHHH! the grellow shawl aka the honeycomb shawl is driving me MAD! I am test knitting is for Ann Weaver. You can get your own copy via ravelry. But my goal was to knit it in s timely manner, but it’s a charted pattern and the key to my fast knitting success stuff that I bring with me and knit on the fly. i can’t do that with a chart. It’s a great easy to read chart of simple lace so   hard, just time consuming. So I started this test knit in late June to check for errors [and there aren’t any] and now it’s late October and I still haven’t finished it!! I am soooo used to knitting things that don’t take me more than a month MAX and those are HUGE projects! Grrr! i am almost done. So close that I can taste it! 2 more repeats!

In other news, the birthday went well. Feeling old and all “responsible” which is bumming me out. have combated by playing a lot of Disney music and dancing a round foolishly, but who are we kidding? I do that anyways.

Also saw the AMAZING Yarn Harlot in Cambridge last week. She is a Yarn GODDESS!

Time for me to go knit socks…I mean the shawl. Crap, I think we have found the problem.


October 14, 2008

Months have gone by since my last post. Lots has changed. Writer girls blog isn’t really happening. I have decided now that I have time that i will reallllly try to blog! I have finished the textured tunic from fitted knits. pictures to come. Christmas knitting is underway. The only way I have found to aviod the IT of Christmas knitting is to start in October. Obviously cutting back on the amount of presents I give that are hand made never occurred to me! Knitting a sweater vest for my dad from men in knits, cashmere neck warmer for Mom and beret’s for my friends. School is going well and I am in a new play that is also going unbelievably! Must remember to take pictures of my knits to post but my camera is really sucky cause I dropped it so much. The pictures that I do have look like I’m in a dark alley. The quality is terrible! Got to go. Off to school in my new CAR!!


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