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The Elf
June 29, 2008

The Elf can not sleep. Sleep is impossible.It’s 2 am am I am spazing. So ya thinking coherently is not gonna happen so you know what that means!!!!


Finished a dress. Sewn not knit. Very pretty. OH and knee high socks. i am going through a knee high sock phase in a season when it is too hot for sockd. Go figure?


The elf needs fiber. Wool cashmere cotton angora I NEEEEEDDDD. okay i am of to read in the middle of the night while hopingnot to wake the rest of the house in the process.

Dare to dream


This Blogging Thing
June 11, 2008

So apparently i am completely useless at this blogging thing. and when i do blog its about how i can’t blog. trying towork on it. this is an incredibly boring post.