College Life=sucky knitting

September 11, 2010 - Leave a Response

I am currently sitting in the Library, staring at the book I have to write a paper on. Instead of being smart and completing my homework now so I can enjoy my weekend, I am thinking about how little I have been knitting since I moved to college. It hasn’t completely been nonexistent but the only thing I have accomplished since getting here is finishing the second Noro Sock. Most on which was done in the car on the ride here or while I was home for the weekend, which does not count. They are very pretty however and someone lucky will be getting them for Christmas.
Noro Silk Garden Socks

Since then I have tried and failed three times to cast on a new pair of socks but the gauge was always off. I am considering the fact that I just don’t care for the yarn but still refuse to change, insisting that they will become socks despite my aversion to acrylic yarn.

  On a happier note. Before I left for school I finished almost ALL of my february lady sweater!! I have one sleeve left and just need to sew on the buttons. It is GORGEOUS! The yarn ( Araucania Toconao)is soft and the color is absolutely perfect. When its done I might be so in love that I wont ever take it off. That could be a problem…


Slowly But Surely

July 27, 2010 - Leave a Response

Things are moving along slowly. I’m sure that some progress is being made but it is barely discernible. However avoidance is in full swing and there is plenty of progress with that. I have used my valuable knitting time to read lots and lots of books this month. Now normally that would be a good thing but when I have self-imposed deadlines it’s not exactly helpful.

I have finished one Mad About Plaid sock, pictures to come soon. I have been staring at a vest for my dad that has needed the button band redone on it for about two years. I am hoping that if I stare at it long enough it will get done…or i will find the motivation to finnish it. Hopefully the former will occur but I’m not holding my breath.

Also the Modern Log Cabin Blanket which is on its last square is coming along at a snail’s pace. Eleven ridges down, 89 to go…

Luckily I am still in love with the yarn and am planning a cardigan as my next project. It is taking all my energy to finnish something instead of abandoning them for this.

This whole self control thing kind of sucks.

Notices a Food and Socks Theme

July 20, 2010 - Leave a Response

My intended focus for my knitting was to finish at least one blanket for my dorm room before I leave for school. I have the Modern Log Cabin Blanket in Dream in Color on its last ginormous square and a blanket of my own design working that is intended to commemorate my highschool drama experiences in Patons Classic Wool (why I choose a non machine washable yarn for this blanket I have no idea other than its inexpensive and comes in lots of colors. this decision is going to bite me in the butt). Neither one of these projects have been worked on.

Instead I have been avoiding them and working on two very different themes without even noticing them. The first is socks, which isn’t surprising considering my addiction to them. The other is Cupcakes. In the past month I have embroidered a pillow case with cupcakes and started the Cupcake Mittens by SpillyJane.
Cupcake mittens
I can see no sign of this stopping because a square of my drama blanket needs an ice cream square and I have an overwhelming desire to bake. I don’t know what has brought on this subconscious desire to surround myself with all things sweet except that maybe I am nesting because I leave for college soon and will not be able to bake?or maybe my wicked sweet tooth is showing. Either way I am sooo excited for the Cupcake Socks to come out!!!


June 29, 2010 - One Response

Socks for Linda.

Originally uploaded by fiberelf91

I have thought more and more about how I either pick projects to knit that I will never wear OR I will make a mistake but be too lazy to fix it/ rush through the project thus rendering it unwearable.
SO i have gone through my UFO’s and ripped out all the things I know I will never finish. This process has made me feel sooo much better about what I am making. I am no longer avoiding problems but actually fixing them. I’m growing as a person…who knew?

Now an experiment in posting pictures. Here are the socks that I am knitting for my grandma Linda. They are moving along quickly as most mindless socks usually do. After knitting on size 1 needles for the past few projects my #2’s look huge to me. Hope to have them finished by the end of the week.

Not Gonna Talk About It

April 26, 2010 - Leave a Response

Heyyy, i guess my New Years Resolution didn’t go to well huh? But im not gonna talk about that. Moving on…

Lots of knitting being done. I am trying to make one old project and mix it with a new one. A couple of old socks have been finished and a sweater for fall has been cast on, the body done and almost a whole sleeve. The pullover from Color Style, named the Striped Raglan, features a variegated yarn with a thick and thin effect striped with a worsted weight neutral. It is making for a quick, enjoyable and mindless knit. Best of all this fall (probably way before that) I will have a nice warm new sweater that I will actually wear!

     I seem to have a not-wearing-what -I- knit problem. I went through a brief period a few years back when i knit a lot of sweaters. Only one of which I actually wear. The problem with the other sweaters is that although they were fun to knit I moved through them so fast that I didn’t pay enough attention to detail. Thus creating something about it that renders it not wearable. For example, I knit a beautiful Green Gable . However, there are several things wrong with it. First off I bound off too tight causing it to sit uncomfortably on my hips. Second, I used a wool blend yarn that is beautiful but since it’s a summer top it makes it rather uncomfortable. Third, when joining a new ball to the front i tried to weave in the ends as i went but it left a strange line of uneven stitches right around my mid section. Not exactly desirable. Sum that all up and you get a sweater that i have worn twice in about two years. Another example is a cute pink mohair sweater from Stitch’N”Bitch Nation that I loved on the model but looked silly on me and the mohair caused unforseen discomfort.

    Because of these issues I am trying to do two things:

1. Pick my projects more carefully and once chosen pick my yarn accordingly.

2. I am contemplating recycling the yarn from some of my Finished Objects that i don;t wear. No sense in letting valuable yarn sit there when it could be used for something else (this will not apply to the mohair as the likelihood of it unraveling it about as good as giving a cat a bath)

We shall see…

New Year Glow

January 25, 2010 - Leave a Response

Okay… I am back after about 7 months of silence and only slightly worse for the wear. Sadly knitting like this blog has kind of taken a back seat in my life. Not any were as bad as the blog though. I still knit on a regular basis but in the after glow of christmas knitting where i produced dozens of projects,. i have come down with a syndrome that every knitter fears. I have cast-onitis. I cannot seem to finnish anything. Instead i seem to flit from project to project with little focus. NOTHING is getting done. I am assessing the things i have started over the years and have not completed….there are dozens.
As a cliché New Years resolution i have pledged to not only play more attention to this medium of communication but also to finnish what i have started, in an effort to wrangle the massive chaos that is my yarn closet.

The lack of blogging ability

June 22, 2009 - Leave a Response

And yet again the fiberelf proves her lack of skill in remembering to blog. Lots of knitting projects and major life events (okay maybe not major but events nonetheless) have come and gone and yet the blog still remains ignorant and uninformed to the progress of life. So here is the best recap I can muster in the afterglow of the end of school:

I have ripped back the textured tunic for the second time, however this time it will stay that way. The first knitting rendered the garment too small and the second one, for which I could not bring myself to knit the last sleeve, appeared to be too big. Although even if it would have blocked bigger I was done. I no longer loved the sweater and harbored no more than feelings of contempt towards it. I knew that even if I had finished I would never have worn it and the bad karma now associated with it probably would have brought me nothing but heartbreak in the off chance I had decided to wear the demon tweed sweater. I came to grips with eh fact that this sweater had a different knitting destiny when I could not bring myself to finish it and found myself daydreaming about knitting a matching beret with the leftovers but in said fantasy the sweater the hat would match never appeared.
Therefore the tunic has been frogged back within an inch of its life waiting for its new project destiny to appear. Perhaps it will become a sweater, the February Lady perhaps, or maybe something completely different. For now the future of the gorgeous tweed yarn is up in the air and I love the view.

Spiderweb of issues

April 10, 2009 - One Response

Last summer in an attempt for a quick, easy and feminine project i cast on The Spiderweb Capelet from Stitch ‘n’ bitch Nation. It was everything i was looking for in a project and the yarn i chose was divine and a heavenly experience to knit with. The yardage of the project dictated that i use two balls of my chosen yarn, that yarn being Blue Sky Alpaca’s Suri Alpaca in a gorgeous cherry color. However something appeared wrong. It was coming out much bigger than it appeared in the picture and was taking twice the amount of yarn as it was supposed to.
Seeing as i was knitting with alpaca in the middle of July i payed little attention to this. I figured i was overheated.
After a while and lack of funds to continue buying more of the required yarn i but it away for a while. Yesterday i found the beauty in the back of my closet where i had angrily shoved it all those months ago.
I knitted happily on it for about an hour when i became fed up with it taking 2 hours to knit one row(yes that is how massive this thing was). I searched the project on Ravelry trying to see if others were having similar problems. It turns out that there was errata in the stitch pattern that was making my capelet HUGE!
After reading that i immediately began ripping out the project. but not before taking pictures of the monstrosity.

that thing is bigger than my WINGSPAN! granted my wingspan isn’t that big to begin with but still.

So after hitting the frog pond i recast on the project and withing a matter of hours with my new instructions i got the pretty capelet shown above. sadly i am still figuring out how to insert pics so they are all next to each other.
I am very pleased with the end result and it truly is a quick and easy project! Plus i have tons of the yarn left to make matching lace gauntlets!
Next up….CUPCAKES!

The Elf Wishes She Could Enjoy the Weather

March 8, 2009 - One Response

Presently the Elf has notices a very peculiar phenomenon that comes and goes rather quickly in New England. In a region where winter seems to last forever, fall is more of a preparation time for winter rather than a mild relief from summer, and summer beats down on us with ferocity, Spring is like a breathe of fresh air. Finally a time to bring our knitting outside and enjoy the birds chirping with content.

However, the elf does not have time to enjoy these pleasantries. Why you may ask? Because the Fiber elf is costuming a play. She has temporarily put down her wool and circular needles to take up a sewing machine and miles and miles of thread. At first the Elf was as thrilled as could be. She loves sewing and play productions and after the last play she acted in costuming would be a pleasant change. All was well for several weeks…until he costuming began to consume her life more than knitting ever has. (And that’s saying something) Instead of her dreams being filled with sheepy goodness they are now filled with nightmares or seams ripping on stage and of boys, who in their inability to hang anything up, lost all if their pant and they have to go on in nothing but a short kimono. And the worst horror of all, not having time to knit of visit her favorite place of all time…THE YARN SHOP!

For a brief while the work subsided and she worried less. The guys looked great and their kimono’s and everything seemed to be running smoothly and right on schedule. Now that the performance competition was approaching all that was left was for the fiber elf was to sit back and watch the show. Obviously there were a few roadblocks that will be discussed in a later post because she is still in denial that the events in question ever happened.But now…we won the first phase of the competition and as we left the theatre, walking away with many awards, including one for costumes, the director tells The Elf that all of the costumes need some sort of adjustment!!! Ones that are completely unnecessary but she has to do anyway.

Excuse me the Fiber Elf needs some wool therapy.

War of the Roses

January 19, 2009 - 2 Responses

Currently I am unbelievably fascinated by the York and Lancaster Socks by Lisa Grossman. They are an interpretation on the War of the Roses and inspired by the play Richard the third. As it so happens I am currently costuming a production of Richard The Third. I am fantasizing about these gorgeous socks and how I desperately want to make a pair for myself. But alas the pattern won’t be released to the general public until July.

So as I await the release I have decided to design my own interpretation of the War of the Roses. Not sure what kind of a garment it will be or if it will even come to fruition , but I am sure that it will be in red and white.

So as soon as my knitting for others has been completed aka my own personal hell [don’t get me wrong I like giving people my knitted creations, but I hate when they are expecting them and you’re put in a self imposed time crunch. I wanna design damn it!] I will start sketching my “masterpiece”.

Also lately I have been fascinated (also due to the play i am costuming) by kabuki style.  So I will be knitting Tabi Socks and designing a kimono style sweater (yes, i know that the fact that i will actually get around to designing a kimono style sweater is laughable. just go with me an my delusions for a while). Tabi socks are the really cool Japanese socks that are split to separate the big toe and the rest of the foot (example pictured here) I haven’t decided whether I will not those specific socks I linked to or a different pattern. However i think it is safe to say i will probably knit multiple in the tabi style because of my sock obsession.

Speaking of socks. I am going to go knit some. Yes I know that I should be finishing the stuff I promised others. Don’t look at me like that, it’s just to take the edge off I swear!